The Tribe Grows

Red 5 - Friday, 18 June 2010 10:47

At Red 5, we believe that it takes great people to make great games. We’re happy to announce that we’ve added quite a few people to our family over the past couple months. On the art side, we have Genna H. who’s previous experience on franchises such as Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk have helped her hone her exceptional animation skills. As the yin to Genna’s yang, we have Lucas C. who is also a talented animator with titles such as The Sopranos: Road to Respect and Six Flags Fun Park showcasing his abilities at both ends of the gaming spectrum.

In addition, we have J. Axer providing his amazing Wacom skills to create impressive concepts for Red 5′s project. Adding that touch of shock and awe to the game is Marc M., our technical artist, who is working on shaders and particles to really make things pop… literally.

We also added another level designer in the form of Stephen O. With his extensive background in shooters, most recently Global Agenda, Stephen humbles us all with his expertise. Rounding out our full-time hires is Ben Y. who keeps everything in the office running as our systems administrator.

Last, but not least are our new summer interns. Dylan and Tina are both assisting on the art team and doing a wonderful job. No injuries during the intern hazing phase either; a definite first.

We’re still looking for more! So if you want to join the tribe, be sure to check out our Jobs page.

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