Senior MySQL DBA

Red 5 - Tuesday, 29 November 2011 05:36

What It’s All About

Where you’re concerned, no database is ever fast enough or reliable enough. You enjoy designing and tuning databases to meet the unique requirements of a massive team-based action shooter, a MMO like nothing else on the market, and all its various components. Working with the latest in open source database technology, you craft custom solutions that are flexible, adaptable and fast. In the end, it’s all about collecting and organizing raw, untamed data and coaxing out the most valuable information; coming up with the tools that let even the least database-savvy members of your team view the data they need to see and organize it in the manner necessary to accomplish their missions. If you can do all that and keep the data secure and flowing unhindered, you’re happy.

A typical day

You’ve just tracked down the query from the latest game feature that, under certain high load conditions, was tanking the database. After a few hours, you think you’ve optimized it so that it not only addresses the problem but improves performance significantly. Now it’s time to sit down with the senior server programmer and develop a test case to make sure your fix works. Afterwards, you start to work on the bots that will stress test the databases by simulating player load.

Who you work with the most

The Senior Server Programmer and the Director of Technical Operations work together with you to architect fast custom database solutions using open-source database tech. Everything has to be custom tailored to the unique needs of your MMO’s database traffic, but that’s what keeps things interesting.

What You’ve Done Before

  • 5+ years hands-on experience as a MySQL DBA on Unix-based (Linux) system in a mission critical environment (DataCenter including 24×7 operations)
  • Intimate knowledge of MySQL architecture, best-practices and tuning philosophies
  • Strong knowledge and hands on experience related to mission critical backup and recovery
  • Advance Linux or Linux-like systems administration, performance and filesystem tuning
  • Production experience implementing and managing replication
  • Able to write scripts in an administrative language (Python, Ruby, or Shell)
  • Proven ability to work well in a crisis and under pressure
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills
  • Passion for gaming

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