French Community Manager – Ireland

Red 5 - Monday, 30 January 2012 11:09

What It’s All About

You love gaming communities, and you understand how they work, what they care about and how they respond to situations. You can write a terrific press release and you create infectious excitement amongst gamers everywhere, whether through forum posts, personal emails, or in-person events.  You are both thick-skinned and flame-retardant.  You love games… live games, and are games.  Being the frontline interface with the gaming community for a brand new game is extremely exciting to you.  

A Typical Day

Today begins by spending a few minutes checking the forums and seeing what the community is talking about.  You hear about a bug, delete or close a few posts, and notice a 5 page post with feedback on some new content.  You send the bug off to development, and start to organize the feedback.  Half-way through, you get a call and are asked to edit some patch notes and put together a press release & post for them.  Afterwards, you go to a website meeting to schedule and plan content updates over the next month.  In the afternoon, you have an exciting meeting with the design team where you get a few community questions answered, pass on a few suggestions, one of which the designers want to implement immediately.  You then sit down and write a quick blog entry to share some of the answers you found.  You cap off your day by having an online interview with a fansite.

Who You Work With the Most

You work every day with the fans of our game.  You also work closely with development so that you understand things going on in the game as well as they do.  Your day to day work is highly interwoven with that of the web team, and you also coordinate efforts with PR.

What You’ve Done Before

  • 2+ years of being either a fansite webmaster of a large, successful site, or a community manager of an MMO
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Great personality, especially in online form
  • Working knowledge of how websites work
  • Extreme passion for games and MMOs
  • Fluent in English and French

Send resume and cover letter to:

Red 5 Studios Email:

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