French Community Coordinator – Ireland

Red 5 - Thursday, 29 March 2012 12:48

What It’s All About

You’re a nerd. Not just any nerd, a nerd who likes to get in front of other people and scream how awesome it is to be a nerd. You love talking about games and you love talking to gamers. So much so that you try to involve yourself in every gaming community you hear about. You love writing blog posts, taking pictures, making videos, posting on forums, and commenting on social media. And you’d love to do all of this for the Firefall community.

A Typical Day

The first thing you do in the morning is check up on the Firefall forums to see what the latest buzz is. You answer some questions and moderate a few threads before diving back into the details of the new fansite program you’re creating. Afterwards, you spend some time pulling metrics on last week’s marketing efforts for the weekly update meeting. When all that’s done, you chat it up with marketing and the rest of the community team to decide what the next week’s content is going to be. Then you head back into the forums and scour the web for any additional comments you need to respond to. You cap off the day by following up with the fan sites to see if there’s anything they need in the next few days.

Who You Work With the Most

You will spend a lot of your time interacting with the Firefall community and working directly with the EU community manager and community team in California. You will end up working with everyone in the company at various stages in order to create new and exciting content for the community.

What You’ve Done Before

  • 2+ years experience in a customer support or community role, with demonstrable focus on creating content
  • Solid understanding of web and video media, social networking, and the latest community tools and techniques
  • Experience working with at least one CMS (Content Management System) and commercial forum software such as vBulletin
  • Strong excitement for online communities, gaming, social media, and web content
  • Fluent in English and French
  • Passionate about Firefall, the Firefall community, and online shooters

Send resume and cover letter to:

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