European Localization Editor – Ireland

Red 5 - Thursday, 24 May 2012 06:35

What It’s All About

Your unbelievable attention to detail and organizational skills has enabled you time and time again to successfully transition complex entertainment/software products from one culture to another. Language, tone, and consistency of the original text is key when translating into another language/culture so that it works well and is received with the original intent clearly intact. Moving from English to French or English to German and back, your skills in both cultures and languages help you to strive for the highest level of quality and player experience. You are responsible for controlling this quality and set the ownership for the experience in the European market. You make the product feel as though it was written in the translated language and that it enhances the gamers’ experience. In addition, your knowledge of the European cultures and gaming laws ensures that the game meets the standards set forth by various countries in the translation/localization process.

A Typical Day

Your morning begins by reviewing the overall workload for the day. Meeting with the Localization Manager, you discuss the priorities of new changes that need to be made in-game. Making a phone call, you speak with the US development team to get a better feel for their intent, setting the expectations on when the changes can be made for Europe. Meeting with your team, you assure everyone that not only can the text strings be translated to keep their meaning, but can also look good within the game’s pre-defined UI. Meeting with the Localization Translators, you review some of their previous work and set the tone for the new patches as you have a good understanding of the US development team’s intent. Your day ends with a call to the Director of Global Integration to discuss the strategy going forward for Europe and how to make it even better.

Who You Work With

You’re proud of the team you work with, from the Localization Translators to the US-based development team. The Localization Manager works with you to establish the tone and the quality of the localized assets while the Community Team keeps you abreast of the topics that are foremost on the minds of the community and how the team can best address those issues with changes in the new patches. You are the center of European Localization effort and have relationships with most, if not all internal groups.


  • Review and edit text, audio files, and other localized assets for accuracy and quality
  • Create and update glossary, style guides, and technical writing for projects
  • Efficiently manage small scale projects, including test plan creation, effective checklist creation, resource allocation, and execution
  • Review and evaluate functional and linguistic content, identify substandard quality, and constructively challenge its implementation
  • Be conscious of regional/cultural standards and offer suggestions on any necessary changes
  • Work closely with and maintain communication channels with development, support, QA, and community teams
  • Participate in and engage players in the regional community forums to solicit feedback and keep in tune with the pulse of the community
  • Identify and track issues that need additional research and follow their lifecycle
  • Provide linguistic consulting for teams to assure the quality of content
  • Maintain the consistency and quality of assets across the entire project


  • 2+ years related experience in a professional writing, editing, and translation role
  • Native speaker in German or French and fluent in English
  • Ability to produce high quality results on a consistent basis
  • Strong familiarity with online gaming
  • Excellent grammar, spelling, editing, and proofreading skills
  • Impeccable organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to communicate editorial changes constructively and professionally
  • Able to work independently, as well as to work cooperatively with others
  • Shameless passion for video games


  • General knowledge of Red 5 Studios and Firefall
  • Previous experience in the video games industry

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