European Localization Translator – Ireland

Red 5 - Thursday, 24 May 2012 06:35

What It’s All About

You love the written word. Not only in your native tongue, but you are so interested in languages that you have taken the time and effort to become proficient in a second language, understanding not only the language but the distinct cultural differences as well. Your knowledge and interest in the games industry has enabled you to experience successful games in multiple cultures and acknowledge the acute differences that occur in translation that enable their cross cultural successes. You are part of the exciting experience of carrying the flame of Firefall to Europe.

A Typical Day

You begin your day by reviewing the new content for Firefall and begin to translate assets associated to the game. Coordinating with the US team, you check with the onsite Localization Manager for new content and meet with the Community Team for any reported bugs on the forum. You find some voice scripts in your inbox needing review and translation, making sure to keep the original context of the dialog. Your day concludes with a team call with the Director of Global Integration assuring the success of the translations, both in terms of language and cultural fit.

Who You Work With

Your Localization Team will be a vital part of creating the European Firefall experience. You will work closely with the Localization Editor to ensure accuracy and consistency of translations is being maintained while the local Community Team will work hand-in-hand with you to make sure that any feedback on the European forums is translated and sent to the developers.


  • Implement English to French or German translation, ensuring quality and consistency
  • Localize in-game text, voice scripts, video content, website content, and collateral materials
  • Review and edit text, audio files, and other localized assets for accuracy and quality
  • Work on locale-specific language requirements and culturally relevant feedback
  • Define and maintain a consistent translation style
  • Complete editing and polishing tasks


  • Native speaker in German or French and fluent in English
  • Advanced translation and proof-reading competencies
  • Impeccable organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Shameless passion for video games


  • General knowledge of Red 5 Studios and Firefall
  • Previous experience in the video games industry

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