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Red 5 - Tuesday, 24 July 2012 03:35

What It’s All About

You love making games smart by delighting and surprising players with challenging combat, well-rounded characters, and immersive situations. Because we are creating an open world, team based action shooter; you have access to the tremendous server-side computing power needed to do things no one’s accomplished before in game AI. You drive entire worlds and campaigns with your code, and your AI provides designers the best tools possible to create encounters, epic stories, and memorable in-game moments. Every challenge you create pushes the boundaries of online computer gaming up another notch.

A Typical Day

You have been working for the past few days on a new creature behavior. While most of it involves the use of a high-level behavioral language created internally, you also had to conceive and implement a new AI subsystem in C++ to support a new feature. It was not trivial as it involved communication with other processes and some multithreading issues, but you are very satisfied with the results. You have been testing the behavior in a few virtual environments and you notice that something is not quite right when running on the Linux servers. After investigating, and with the help from your peers, you fix the nagging issues. Now your efforts are ready to be pushed to QA.

You fire up your new NPC and watch as it uses its senses to see, hear, and feel its surroundings. A couple of Tribe members start playing with your new virtual creature, only to be taken out in record time. You smile, knowing that to be fun this creature will have to be toned down. You expose a few behavioral parameters to the designers so that they can experiment and fine tune the AI. Your goal was to create an entertaining new behavior, and by watching the grins on the designers’ faces, you can be very happy of your new accomplishment.

Who You Work With

As an AI programmer, you conspire mainly with designers in defining and developing entertaining and logical behaviors for NPCs. As you discover the existing infrastructure, you have a lot of interaction with other programmers as well.


  • 3+ years previous experience implementing AI for AAA games
  • An ability to translate AI theory into practical, optimized code
  • Experience with parallel programming
  • Experience with networked games
  • Fluent in C++
  • Unyielding passion for games


  • Comfortable developing in both Windows and Linux environments
  • Interest in leading AI techniques and research

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