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Red 5 - Monday, 9 July 2012 10:09

What It’s All About

You love competing in online games where twitch skills can make all the difference in your quest to dominate your opponents. When twitch isn’t enough you also thoroughly enjoy out-thinking your competition, by spotting flanking routes or other benefits of the environment that can be used to gain a tactical advantage. Creatively using all of the mechanics that are available to you as a player gets your juices going! You’re equally passionate about applying that knowledge to craft team vs. team spaces that are designed to make full use of the gameplay mechanics while at the same time stimulating the minds of your audience.

A Typical Day

You’re a member of a small feature team that consists of you, a Technical Designer, a Programmer, and a World Artist. Your team’s goal is to deliver an eSports focused map within the timeframe of the current milestone at an acceptable fun score. You’ve created your initial block out and after a brief morning standup meeting with your team to discuss your current goals you realize that a Programmer’s help is going to be necessary to add the desired encounter actions to our in-house LUA based encounter editor. Luckily for you, your team comes stacked with a Programmer for just these sorts of needs. After extending the encounter system and updating your encounter, you run numerous playtests with fellow coworkers, looking for any methods that you can to improve the overall experience of the map. After iterating and making improvements to your map based on feedback, your scores are finally up to the level required in order to take the level to the next step graphically. The next level however is going to require the help of a World Artist who can take your play tested block out to new heights visually. After making the map look pretty you’re ready for the next step and release your latest creation onto the plethora of hungry beta testers who can’t wait to give you all sorts of feedback on how to improve your map. You eagerly read all of the information posted by the community on the forums and make the necessary changes to take the map to its highest possible fun level! Once your map is complete, you can’t wait to watch highly skilled teams do battle against one another in shout-casted competitions, delivering the highest peak of competitive play.

Who You Work With

You live in the world of art, design, and programming. The artists on the team bring your map designs to reality while the programmers help code the core features and mechanics that make the space both playable and fun. The audio designers also add elements to enhance the environments while the Lead Designer ensures that your map plays well and delivers the overall experience that the team hopes to achieve. In reality you work with everyone in the company as we all will give you feedback on your work to help make it the best that it possibly can be.


  • Map blockouts designed to allow for early and rapid iteration
  • Playtesting blockouts with the team and iterating on the map based on feedback
  • Iterate map design with QA
  • Iterate map design with external beta testers
  • Share the design with the world in publicized eSports events
  • Complete editing and polishing tasks


  • 3+ years experience as a PVP map designer with a shooter title
  • Competitive gameplay experience and knowledge of the eSports Community
  • Demonstrated skills in communication and collaborative processes within a highly creative environment
  • Unyielding passion for games


  • Previous experience building eSports focused maps
  • Competitive gameplay experience at professional gaming level

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