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Red 5 - Tuesday, 24 July 2012 01:37

What It’s All About

You are a hardcore gamer. When you play games you push them to their limits trying to break and exploit them. You can easily communicate and explain complex issues clearly and simply; your succinctness is legendary. You look at a series of problems and investigate until you see one core issue. You’re detail oriented and nothing gets by you.

A Typical Day

When you sit down at your desk, the first thing you do is check what your bug queue looks like while you grab the most recent build. You load up the game and begin to check the build for any major bugs. When you find game breaking issues you alert the team and follow-up until the bug is resolved. After you finish your sweep of the game you report what you tested and send it to the Tribe. Time to start completing some test cases! This is your bread and butter. You go through the game verifying everything is working as intended, writing up bugs along the way when you find them. You’ll often have Tribe members that need help testing; you love this because it allows you to learn so much about the various disciplines.

Who You Work With

You work a lot with the rest of the QA team but a great part of being a member of QA at Red 5 is you work with everyone and touch all disciplines. You constantly help people test their work and provide feedback when they need it. When someone wants to know what the status of build looks like they go to you.


  • 3+ years of experience testing in a game development environment
  • Team player – working day-to-day with the game dev team
  • College degree


  • Educational background in CS or game development
  • Previous experience working with an outsourced QA group

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