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Red 5 - Tuesday, 24 July 2012 02:58

What It’s All About

When you were younger you were always bending video games to your will in order to find their limits. Your love of cryptography and the need to understand how computers work led you into engineering where you were able to explore your passion and forge it into a career. Security issues are your lifeblood and you enjoy the responsibility and ownership necessary to ensure the security of an AAA game enjoyed by millions around the world. Working hand in hand with the developers at Red 5, you seek to achieve our overall security objectives, including security assessments and audits of both the software and the infrastructure. As part of that process, you’ll assist in the overall architectural design of the infrastructure and develop documentation as required to support continued development and production maintenance. You enjoy mentoring others, so training the developers and operations staff is second nature to you in your area of expertise. Researching emerging technologies and remaining abreast of current security trends is a life long passion of yours.

A Typical Day

You start your morning by looking into some suspicious network alerts and meeting with the systems engineers regarding the latest Firefall build. You conclude that the risk assessment is looking good so give the go ahead. Some new development is also coming down the path and some modifications to the authentication system require your attention to assure their validity. Later in the day you review compliance issues that arose from last week and submit any modifications to the Director of Operations.


  • Work together with software development teams to achieve security objectives
  • Conduct security assessments and audits
  • Assist in overall architecture and infrastructure design
  • Proactively manage and implement network security and keep abreast of current security best practices
  • Develop documentation and other materials to support ongoing development, change control, and production maintenances
  • Provide training to developers and operations staff, while keeping abreast of emerging technologies


  • Expert knowledge of security management, auditing methodology, and technology risk assessment
  • Strong knowledge of Linux or Linux-like systems, Windows, and Mac OSX
  • Experience with networking, cryptography, PKI, authentication systems, and logging infrastructure
  • Experience with PCI DSS and SOX compliance efforts
  • Experience in designing an all-encompassing security infrastructure
  • Experience with commercial and Open Source vulnerability assessment tools
  • Expert knowledge of the methods used to create malware and game hacks
  • Experience programming and writing administrative scripts (C/C++, Python, Ruby, or Shell)
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills
  • Unyielding passion for gaming


  • Online gaming or MMO security management experience
  • Programming background in any applicable language
  • Experience working with systems deployed on AWS infrastructure

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