Senior Narrative Designer

Red 5 - Tuesday, 24 July 2012 03:16

What It’s All About

You live in two worlds: storytelling and game design. Understanding the story and lore in games has always been a fascination for you. Designing playable content to convey story is your passion. Starting with a story, you imagine how that can translate into playable experiences. You marry story presentation with in-game mechanics to provide players with an overall experience that is not only fun to play, but furthers their understanding of the game world, its story, and the player’s role within it.

A Typical Day

Your morning begins with a standup between the story writers, you, and members of your feature team. Discussing the back-story for the game, a new character emerges and it is your task to bring it to life in the open world. You discuss with some of the concept artists and modelers/animators to determine the characters functionality while keeping the underlying story intact. You discuss how to best implement the character into some of the events/missions that you have designed while keeping true to the overall arc of the storyline. Once the overall design has been agreed upon, you work closely with other team members to ensure that the gameplay implementation delivers the story effectively to the players. After the playtests produce the fun scores that you’re looking for, you move onto the next piece of challenging content.


  • 3-5 years of success in a game development team designing missions and events in an action-oriented environment.
  • Shipped at least two titles of AAA quality and able to demonstrate your contribution to their success
  • Solid team player with an unlimited imagination and ability to present your ideas in a team environment while accepting criticism as a tool for improvement
  • Excellent verbal written and communication skills


  • Shooter experience and/or action game experience

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