Red 5 Studios is dedicated to bringing together millions of gamers across the world by creating immersive worlds, intriguing stories and compelling characters. We believe that online games and persistent worlds are the future of video games.

In the summer of 2006, Mark Kern, Bill Petras, and Taewon Yun met with advisor Jeff Loomans to discuss how to grow the Red 5 family. They all knew that recruiting in the game industry was crazy: people are constantly spammed by recruiters, and competition for quality talent is fierce. Still, the three Red 5ers were determined to hire the best and brightest minds in the industry, while communicating just how damned cool it is to work at Red 5 Studios.

A tall order? Maybe. But you’d be surprised what a few glasses of really good beer can do for your resolve.

An early mockup of the package. Note the Corinthian Leather treatment.

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In the admittedly young history of Red 5 Studios, there have been many achievements. However, it’s going to be hard to top the beer volcano we accidentally “unveiled” at GDC ‘07. Unfortunately, we’d all left our cameras in the back of someone’s Yugo, so there wasn’t any way to document the moment when frothy beer-magma burst out of the keg and shot up to the ceiling tiles of the convention center. So sadly, our alcoholic Vesuvius will only be remembered in song and story by those who met us at GDC, and witnessed the glorious event.

Convention booth, pffft. We brought our own lounge.