Red 5 - Sunday, 28 February 2010 01:02


At Red 5, we believe.

We believe that the future of games lies in connecting millions of gamers together into shared, epic, and fantastic experiences. These online communities, these tribes, are what make online gaming a richer and deeper experience than any standalone game.

At Red 5, we imagine.

We imagine bold new worlds for our players to inhabit, explore and adventure within. Original story, art, sound and code meld together into powerful and wonderful new ways… creating not just games, but worlds for players to live out their heroic alter egos.

At Red 5, we innovate.

We always ask ourselves “what’s next?” We want to transform gaming through our online technologies. We ask ourselves “what we would create in a future where bandwidth was free, where players had unlimited storage, and our games were powered by supercomputers?” We want to create the answers, one game at a time.

At Red 5, we make you the hero.

In the end, we do it so you can have fun. We provide the stage, the lights, the props and a supporting cast. The real stars, however, are our players. We want our games to allow you to craft your own stories, moments and journeys in the fullest and most immersive worlds we can make. A living experience, powered by millions of players, in a wonderful, shared mutual fantasy we call an online game.

Welcome to Red 5. Join the Tribe.


Right now, at this very moment, Firefall is being played around the world. In the past month, we’ve had players log in from such distant lands as Uruguay, Namibia, Morocco, and yes, even Kazakhstan. It is already a global community with a virtual store that is generating revenue today.

Red 5 Studios has roughly 150 employees–large enough to find the resources or talent that you need to bring your vision to life, but small enough to where every employee still makes a difference. Every employee leaves their indelible mark on the identity of Firefall. Everyone.

THIS is the place to come if you seek mastery of your chosen vocation. These are the fertile grounds where you can learn from like-minded individuals that come from a cornucopia of industry-renown studios, such as Naughty Dog, Bungie, Insomniac, Blizzard & Microsoft. Every employees brings a significant knowledge base and we solicit best business practices from previous experiences.

THIS is the studio to join if you want a chance to contribute to a fundamental shift in the way games are crafted. Firefall encompasses an original art style, a proprietary in-house engine, and a determination to make the free-to-play model work without being pay-to-win. We believe the free-to-play experience can be a win-win scenario for both the consumer and us alike. With no barrier to trying the game, we believe it welcomes the greatest number of gamers possible. By having to work for gamers’ micro-transactions, it forces us to be ever vigilant on quality, forging a tight relationship with the community that will give the world of Firefall’s New Eden a very long lifespan with years of continued development.

THIS is the place for you if you value autonomy. If you want a chance to stretch your skills and excel in your chosen vocation, without the constant Orwellian presence of a publisher or middle management questioning your every move, this is for you. We trust our employees. We empower one another to make the game that we want to play.

We’re on a mission to create a living, breathing world unlike any other for our players to explore. We aren’t constrained by a specific title or role; and individuals are often asked to tackle many challenges. We understand the challenges of bringing a AAA online game to life, and we invite you to join us on this exciting adventure.